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Rajhans Building Products a Western Maharashtra based leading manufacturer of Dry Mix mortar. Our journey in the construction industry started in 1986 as a Sales Promote for a leading cement company. Having an experience of over 3 decades, we understand the on-site problems faced by Engineers, Workers and House owners.

With the help of our experience and expertise in this area, we started developing our own production by adopting the latest innovative techniques to meet the demands of the future in the building and construction company.

We have established a well-equipped laboratory with fully automatic PLC-based production machinery which ensures consistent quality of mass volume product – first time and every time.

Our well-established factory located in Western Maharashtra is capable of supplying 3000 bags of Polymerised Dry Mix Mortar on a daily basis. Each bag weighs 40kg.

Rajhans Building Products has developed a well-established Dealers’ network chain to provide quick and easy access to our products and services.

Our Mission

Consistently provide high-quality Building Products to our clients and thereby improving the quality of the end-products.

Our Vision

Become India’s one of the most trusted in the manufacturing of Building Products.

Quality Policy

After every 10 batches, perform a quality check has been our principle to ensure consistent quality. This maintains an appropriate quality ratio in our product and helps our customers to imbibe trust in our products and us. Samples are taken from every 1000 bags and are verified under different tests. We perform compressive strength test, Water cement ratio test, Water retention test, etc.



Ready Mix Plaster

  • Impurity-free high-quality graded sand
  • High-grade OPC 53 grade cement
  • European based performance polymer additives
  • Requires less labour as compared to ordinary plaster
  • Best finishing
  • Requires lesser putty
  • Easy to transport
  • Saves time
  • Save 25% more cost as compared to conventional plaster

PlastoKing is manufactured by strictly following the rules of Indian Standards Institute for cement plastering. High
quality sand binding cement, fly, ash, polymer additives and important material required for strong binding is used
and mixed with the help of new technology. This results in a high quality construction that is long-lasting and strong.

Appearance Greyish Granular Powder
Maximum Aggregate Size Less than 3 mm
Bulk Density 1.5 – 1.6Kg/Litre unit
Compressive Strength More than 9 Mpa in 28 days
Flexural Strength Min 1.8 Mpa in 28 days
Water Retentivity Min 95% (EN 1015 – 8)
Coverage 18-20 Sq.ft./40 kg Bag (for 10-12mm thickness)
Thickness of layer Minimum 12mm per coat
Pot life 1.5-2 hours
Proportion of water 17-19% as per weight

Rajhans Mortar

AAC Block Jointing Mortar

  • Uniform and consistent quality
  • High tensile adhesion for good bonding strength
  • No shrinkage cracks at joints
  • No curing required post application
  • Replacement for conventional cement and sand mortar
  • Thin bed joints and less material consumption
  • Ready for subsequent application in 24 hours
  • Save substantial cost compared to conventional mortar
  • Saves time- eliminates lengthy and cumbersome process of site mixing

Rajhans Mortaris specially designed to provide stronger, durable bonding between the blocks with optimum adhesive strength.

Bulk Density 1450-1550 Kg/m3
Water powder ratio 25% by weight
Pot life 1 hour @ 27o C
Usable time post application 24 hours
Tensile Adhesion Strength @ 28 Days – EN 1348 0.8 N/mm
Splitting tensile strength @ 28 Days – AST MC 1660-09 0.75 N/mm2
Compressive strength @ 28 Days 6-7 N/mm2


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